Barry Weiser: A native New Yorker lives in Greenwich Village Manhattan, NYC. President of Weiser Communications Inc., an Internet Service Provider. and Website Development Service.

Mr. Weiser is a professional photographer and did so exclusively before becoming enamored with computers and on-line communications.
Photo by toni Dolton

He has taught at the School of Visual Arts for 10 years, the Ethical Culture Society and was an associate dean for the New York School of Photography.

Weiser Communications Inc.
Services many worldwide business's. It provides turnkey website and internet services.such as website hosting design, photography and commercial website development

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Bike Essay
Textures Movie
Commercial Tear Sheets

Full portfolio upon request

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Photo by Alice Falkenstein

One of five murals commissioned by the New York Transit Authority. Permanently Installed in Grand Central Station

Weiser Communications Inc. or call 212/620-4525.
Limited addition silver gelatin murals prints are available from the artist. Portfolio prints are available in digital or silverbased prints to size.

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